About Buckwheat Genome DataBase (BGDB)
Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench; 2n=2x=16) is a nutritionally dense annual crop widely grown in temperate zones. The grains contain high levels of starch, protein, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. Furthermore, the flour is gluten-free and can replace wheat flour in a celiac diet.

To accelerate molecular breeding programs of this important crop, we generated a draft assembly of the buckwheat genome using short reads obtained by NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing). We obtained short reads of 264.5 Gb using Illumina sequencers.

After assembling these short reads, we determined 387,594 scaffolds as the draft genome sequence (FES_r1.0). The total length of FES_r1.0 was 1,177,687,305 bp and the N50 of the scaffolds was 25,109 bp. Gene prediction analysis revealed 286,768 coding sequences (CDSs; FES_r1.0_cds). The total length of FES_r1.0_cds was 212,917,911 bp, and the N50 was 1,101 bp.

Of these, the functions of 36,763 CDSs were annotated by BLAST analysis of the NCBI NR and/or TAIR 10 databases. FES_r1.0, FES_r1.0_cds and their deduced amino acid sequences (FES_r1.0_pep), BLAST annotations, and the results of a domain search against InterPro are opened on this website, the Buckwheat Genome DataBase (BGDB).

We really hope the BGDB will be utilized as a valuable resource that can be used in efforts to develop buckwheat cultivars with superior agronomic traits.

This study was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan (Genomics-based Technology for Agricultural Improvement, SFC3001).
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